What is the best way to see every place a phrase shows up?

  • 21 March 2024
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I want to update the phrase topic.form.type.idea.label from Idea to “Submit Idea” here:

But I’m not sure if this phrase shows up elsewhere in the UI, and if “Submit Idea” will also make sense in those places. What’s the best way to see everywhere that a phrase shows up?

2 replies

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Great question. 

One place else that phrase will show is in the filters for search. 

I’m not aware of others, but there could be more. 

That’s the tricky part of the phrase update you’re looking to make. We did something similar and I don’t love how it manifests in search: 

Content Type Filters in community.{yourdomain).com/search

 I’m not aware of others, but there could be more. 

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Hi, @Kenna! Thank for the question, and apologies for the somewhat delayed response.


Such a document does not exist, unfortunately. That being said, if you submit a ticket to our support team they will most likely be able to advise you on a pretty comprehensive list of all the places a given phrase is used.


I hope that helps!