Why are usernames showing up as "Anonymous?"

  • 25 June 2019
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This week I noticed that two of our users who recently posted in our community are showing up with the username "Anonymous" and I can't find their original username in the control environment under "User overview." It's not possible to click on the "Anonymous" username.

My understanding is that users cannot delete their own community account. We have a tutorial asking users to email us if they want their account deleted. Neither has emailed us.

I'm concerned that this is happening with more than two users, but I can't figure out why it's happening. Is this a bug? Is anyone else noticing this?


Edited to add: I had recently exchanged private messages with one of these users. When I do a search in my inbox for the original username and "Anonymous," nothing turns up.

Example 1 (Control environment)

Example 2

5 replies

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thanks for flagging this here, this indeed is a strange issue.

I've seen that there is a support ticket already - as this is a very specific technical problem, and I also cannot see from my position what went wrong, we will have to wait what my colleagues are able to find.

A user is not able to delete him-/herself, only the community team can do so. However I doubt that there was an actual deletion - In my personal view it looks like an issue in the database where the user ID is not correct any more - but this is really just speculation from my point of view.

About searching a username in the private message inbox: If a user is deleted, then the private messages of this user will also not be accessible any more. Again I don't expect that this is actually the case here, however it is not surprising me that due to this issue the private message does not show up. I would expect them to be visible again once this is fixed.
Thanks for the detailed response, @Julian! Yes, I submitted a ticket a few hours after posting this as I was becoming increasingly concerned. Thank you again for the response.
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Hi @LPortalupi  Did you end up finding out what was wrong? I’m running into the same issues and I’m suspecting our authentication sso link up we have for our customers is the culprit. I’ll most likely open a ticket but it is alarming to see.

Many thanks in advance.

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Same i’m having this same issue today. It’s never happened to me before! Does anyone have a fix for this? but when i click into the post it shows my avatar; https://community.miro.com/events-44/webinar-discover-what-s-new-in-miro-on-march-13th-or-14th-15694


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Hey @Manouska,

I've sorted out that issue for you. Give it a look, and if anything seems off, just hit me up. 😊