Gainsight CS Survey embed into Education

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Hi all,

Has anyone used a Gainsight survey link embedded into Education? I know the current functionality supports SurveyMonkey but wondering if we could use the surveys in Gainsight.

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Hi Ashley, I run the Education team at Gainsight and wanted to chime in. I don’t use Gainsight CS Surveys a great deal, but I believe that usually they are distributed via Journey Orchestrator which enables the responses to be tied back to the company contact records in Gainsight. We share a survey link after some of our live trainings to gather feedback, and we have to ask for email address as a question in the survey because we would not otherwise know which company or contact is replying. 


We also use Gainsight PX engagement surveys at the end of our on-demand courses, but I don’t think you’re using PX. 

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Hi @ashlever !  Thanks for the question.  You are also able to use any survey tools that supports iframe embeds.  Hope this helps!

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Thanks Lila and Kathleen!

We just tried a CS anonymous survey and embedded that link within CE, and it seems to have worked.

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Yay!  love it.  Glad to hear it :)