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  • 5 July 2017
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I have to create drop down list with cose to 200 items. Currently , there is no any automated way of doing that.

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Hi Pramitha,

Interesting ! Could you tell us more about your use case, the drop-down list category and how you would be using this field?

Currently, we are supporting only the manual creation of items for dropdown list fields and typically the average number of items being created by users has been 10 - 15. 

Would giving the creation of drop-down list items with the help of CSV upload help here? similar to the creation of MDA Object.

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So, I have a report that shows the Date, ticket volume, ticket type and ticket sub-type.  So there should be a way to get a report with a day wise breakup with ticket volumes belonging to a particular subtype. 

Now, the subtype has 200 different values, and the user cant input this as text , so needs to be a dropdown. 

Yes, a CSV upload would work here. I can get the CSV to S3 , so can this be loaded to the drop downlist?
Hi Pramitha, 

Currently, we are supporting only the manual creation of items for dropdown list fields.

We will be adding the capability to add the items with the help of CSV file soon, will keep you updated on the ETA

Thanks and Regards,

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Hi Lakshmi,

Do you have an estimate of when we will be able to load to dropdown with CSV? I have a pretty common use case where we want to sync country and state/province to MDA and make them a dropdown instead of string. Country is ~200 and State/Province a lot more. With the manual time and effort it takes, it's hard to go with the dropdown list for this use case right now.

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In the recent releases, creating the MDA Dropdown list using the CSV file was available. Just now I tried and worked.



Thanks for giving this feature.