C360 Search Feature (account type)

  • 19 September 2018
  • 2 replies

When you search for an account in C360 you put the Account Name in.  We all know that. Well, in our case the same Customer may have multiple relationships with us.

They could be a Partner, and OEM, and a Reseller.  In that case their name would appear in C360 Search 3 times since there are 3 account records, one for each account type.

Is it possible to add the Account Type to the return?

Say I am searching for ABC Inc.

Today I see

ABC Inc.

ABC Inc.

ABC Inc.

And it is a crap shoot on which one I want.

I would like to see

ABC Inc, (OEM)

ABC Inc. (Reseller)

ABC Inc. (Partner)

Is this possible?

2 replies


You can configure Account search to show additional fields from Account and CustomerInfo__c object. 

Here is how it would look.  I hope this is what you are looking for 

To Configure this is very simple. 

1. Go to Administration page /apex/Administration

2. Scroll somewhere to mid of the page and you will find "Customer Search Settings"

3. Click Configure and You can choose fields, Drag them from left to right. these fields will be shown as part of the results when you search

4. If you want to search on more than one field at a time, You can also click "Include In Search" checkbox for the selected fields. 

I hope that helps. 🙂 ~Good day