Can you have multiple CTA's with the same 'reason' and 'type' in an active state on a single account?

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We have multiple CTA's that fire for the same 'reason' and 'type. However, they are triggered off of different data. If multiple criteria are met (for example, an account has a "missed due date" and a "case 21+ days" we would like both to show up on the account as separate CTA's. Is that possible?  

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You could use CTA name as an identifier in the rules engine Create CTA action to have separate CTAs created from these different sources. If these CTA are getting created from the same rule, then you could also tokenize the CTA name and use that as an identifier to fire separate CTAs.
We do this in the case of individual users replying to a survey. Put the email address of the unique user as a token for the CTA name, mark name as an identifier, and it works great.
Hi Sidhu and Jeffrey!

If a unique identifier is tokenized in the CTA name, that means it will trigger a CTA every time the criteria is fulfilled regardless of the same contact or account having a CTA with the same type and reason? I am building out a rule where we want a case number to trigger a CTA every time but I am not seeing results as expected.