Clone MDA Objects

  • 12 March 2018
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How do we Clone an object within the MDA?

Best answer by darkknight 12 March 2018, 22:23

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4 replies

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AFAIK there is no clone option. Fastest way I can think of is probably to run a report containing all non-GS headers in the object you want to duplicate then export it and use csv to create the new object. That is probably a good option when you have a lot of columns....but it wouldn’t work for calculated fields.

If just a handful may be faster just to manually create the fields.
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That said, I would vote for a clone option!
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@Jeff, Thanks for the workaround! 

@Johnny, Yes,that's only one workaround we have for now.

I understood the pain in creating the new objects and fields. Definitely a good ask, will save lots of time.

I am assigning this to our Product team
Yeah, this would be hugely helpful since I can't create a data space with MDA objects, and I need to combine two massive sets of data