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  • 26 July 2018
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I noticed an issue with how the Cockpit filters are filtering on due date and overdue tasks. 

For example, if I add a filter for "Due Date = Today", that will pull CTAs into the view whether or not the CTA is due today or if a sub-task is due today. This is great way for CSMs to organize their workflow for what is due today and not. 

However, if they try to filter on "Overdue" or if they set the "Due Date <= Today", then the filter only applies to the due date of the CTA. 

I find this behavior to be strange and inconsistent. It's especially frustrating one of my CSMs who likes to organize her CTA list by everything that is due today + anything overdue. However, if one of the tasks of a CTA is overdue but not the CTA itself, that will not be filtered into her list. 

Just wondering why that is occurring or if someone has a workaround that would be much appreicated!

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Hi Manmeet,

As far as a workaround goes, would just using the Group By Due Date option help here? Cockpit will group CTA's by CTA due date unless a task is either due today or overdue. If the task is due today, it will move the CTA into the "today" grouping. If overdue, it will move the CTA into the "overdue" grouping.

Thanks for the quick response! Yeah this was what I had suggested for the CSM but she said that she likes to focus on her 'High' priority items and this doesn't really allow her to filter to specific priorities. 

I know that this is a super specific request and that the CSM can be more flexible on her end as well. I just thought I'd ask on here just in case there was something I could do that I might have missed. 

Thank you though!