Cockpit View Not Staying

  • 15 March 2018
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According to the Cockpit FAQs, Cockpit view are sticky. From what I understand, once we choose a specific view it will always use that view until it's changed.

I've chosen the My CTAs view and even created a custom view but it keeps reverting back to the All CTAs view when I refresh. Is there a special way to make my view "stick"??

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6 replies

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Might be a browser setting.  
I'm using chrome - do you have any ideas on what settings I should look at? I've reviewed it but I don't see anything specific that would affect my CTA views on Gainsight. Thanks!
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@Faust, Sorry for the inconvenience.

Yes, it should be sticky. I've tested this in our local environment ,its working as expected.

 I am happy to jump on a call if this is not working.Please let me know your availability 
Hi! I got the support ticket from. I emailed me availability on that ticket. Thank you!!
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Hi Faust, This issue is fixed and pushed to release in 5.14.

Thanks for letting us know the issue. Keep posting.

Happy to help always!
Thanks for the update!