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  • 28 June 2022
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Anyone know how to copy or duplicate a CTA view so that you can easily create slightly different views quickly?  Right now I have to start completely over even though the views are very similar.

9 replies

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@mpatra  could you pl take a look?


Hi @Bobshab ,


The best way to do this is to navigate to your view, make changes there and click on Save as new on the top right corner as shown in the screenshot below. This will save your changes into a new view.

Let me know in case of any concerns.

I do not seem to have that capability.   There is no Save as New or Save options on that line for me.  Is that a setting I can get turned on?  



@Bobshab , the options become available as soon as you edit the view with additional filters. It will not be visible if the view is unedited. Let me know in case of any concerns.



I did click the additional filters as shown in the screen shot above and the option still does not show.  What do you mean by unedited?  If I click on edit then I am taken to an edit screen.  

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I believe @mpatra ‘s suggestion works for user-specific, user-defined views. These are views defined from the Cockpit, available to all end users (or better put, available to all users with access to the Cockpit).


I don’t know that the functionality exists to clone CTA or Task Custom Views defined by the GS Admin and shared with end users. These are views defined in Admin > Cockpit > Call To Action. I concur with @Bobshab that it would be a nice feature to clone these Custom Views. I sometime get the columns and filters exactly how I want them, and then want to make one adjustment (e.g. moving from showing CTAs for all customer segments to showing only CTAs for a certain customer segment OR moving from showing all CTAs to showing only CTAs from customers with a poor health score.)


Hi @Bobshab and @matthew_lind ,

I am attaching the following video for steps to save the edited views. Please let me know if there are any other questions I can help answer.

Thanks !


Monica, that worked!   Thanks for the video.   I do agree with Matthew that would be nice to be able to save these and share with other users too.


@Bobshab , while saving these views is possible right now, sharing is not. I am taking note of this and will see if we can bring this up in some future enhancement.