Creating relationships manually without a rule

  • 4 November 2019
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Hello -


There are a few customers that we need to create a relationship for in Gainsight that cannot be created with our existing rule. I thought I could create a relationship record manually by adding it to the relationship MDA in Data Operation but that did not work. 


Is there a way I can create these relationships without running it through a rule?


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We can definitely create relationships manually. Any user with create permission can add a Relationship to an Account from the Customer 360 > Relationships section. 

Steps to Follow :

  1. For a specific customer that you’d like to map to a relationship type, navigate to the Customer 360 Details view > Relationships section.
  2. Click Add to add the desired Relationship.
  3. Select the Relationship Type from the drop-down menu.
  4. Enter/customize the text in the Relationship Name field.
  5. Then click Save. It will take you to a detailed view of this relationship.

Once the relationship is mapped, then end users can see the Relationships card view in the Customer 360 > Relationships section. Click the Relationship name in the card view to access the Relationship 360 for that particular customer.

For more information, check this link