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  • 30 January 2024
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Hi Folks - New to Gainsight and am just transitioning the team over. I have a very basic question, and I am not sure of the answer. 


If all the tasks associated to a CTA are completed, does the CTA compelte automatically or do they have to complete to CTA also? 

Thanks for you help!



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4 replies

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Hi @LaurieG_PS 

The status of the CTA has to be manually updated, even if all the tasks are closed. 
Closing all the tasks doesn’t translate to a CTA Status as they can have a different outcome. For example, if I completed all the tasks but with an unsuccessful result the CTA should have a Closed Lost status instead of a Closed Won status.

Please look at this test for reference, I created a CTA for myself with two tasks and closed them but the CTA status is still new.
I hope this helps!



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Simple explanations are the best explanations! Great walkthrough!

Thank you so much! That explanation and walk through was perfect!


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Happy to help @LaurieG_PS 😊