CTA File attachment size limit

  • 2 April 2018
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A CSM wants to know if there are any limits to the files (size or number) that can be attached to a CTA.

Best answer by dan_ahrens 3 April 2018, 00:28

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The file size must not exceed 2 GB.
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Thank you for responding, Dan!  Is that per attachment or per CTA?
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Are you attaching in timeline or within the CTA post?  
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Good clarification, Denise.

Files attached to Timeline entries have a 25mb limit (total upload must not exceed 25mb, so either one file that is 25mb in size or multiple files that add up to 25mb total).

Files attached to CTAs using the feature linked above have a 2GB limit per file. 

Although I can't imagine what kind of file would be uploaded that would be anywhere near that size! 🙂