customizable /editable field in Success Plan (Plan info)

  • 22 September 2015
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Hi there, we are trying to adopt Success Plan and it's nice to be able to add in read-only fields. However, the existing three native field. "Description", "Action Plan" "Company Highlights" are too limiting. I'd like to

1) be able to add in new text/ editable fields, such as Account structure, Issues from the past;

2) be able to rename the existing three fields, as we don't call it that way, or as long as I can create new text fields, then the ability to take the native ones off the view.

All similar to the enhancement done to the CTA customizability. In fact, if the team can directly edit in Account plan of certain non-text field, that would be even better. 

One of such fields we want to be editable is the fiscal month of the clients. Currently, the CSMs would have to go back to account page, find the field, edit there. If this last bit of the request is difficult, please kindly suggest a workaround. Thanks. 

2 replies

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Hi Annie,

Thanks for the feedback. Ability to add editable custom fields in plan info is already in our roadmap and will be available soon. 

The ability to edit account object fields from CS360-Attributes Section will be available in October release. So now you won’t have to go back to account page to edit the fields as you will be able to do it directly from CS360. Please let me know if this will serve your purpose or you would still like this feature in success plans.



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Update: Ability to customise 'Success Plans Info' page, add new editable fields in success plans and edit Account & CustomerInfo fields directly from success plans is available now. Please let us know your feedback.