Deleting a Playbook

  • 31 May 2018
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Can any user in Gainsight delete a playbook (assigned or not assigned to them)? Is there a way to modify this permission?

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8 replies

Hi Sarah,

You can modify the playbook permissions in the Administration->Playbook Permissions tab. 

Is this what you were looking for?
Hi Aditya,

Can we do this by playbook? Say for the playbooks the CSMs are creating, I want them to be able to edit and delete but not the ones triggered by a rule. Is that doable currently? 
Hi Sarah,

As of today it is not possible to give edit/delete permissions by playbook. Could you provide some details on what you mean by "not the ones triggered by a rule" (the end users can change the playbook that has been applied to a CTA via rules)
Hi Aditya,

I meant any playbook created by the Admin through the rules engine. These are likely to be standard across the board and the access to change due dates or deletion should be kept with the Admin only. However, any playbook that the CSM is creating for their own use case should be editable by that particular CSM (and ideally the Admin as well if needed)
Let me know if I understand correctly here, If the admin has applied a playbook to a CTA via Rules - then the CSM should not have an option to change the due date for that CTA (if the CSM has applied it then they can make the changes?)
Hi Aditya!

That is right. We have many standardized playbooks for onboarding and EBRs that we want only the Admin to manipulate. Currently, I don't see such an option since giving edit/delete access would mean anyone can modify the due dates, delete the playbook, reassign it etc. Please let me know if this is not correct.
Hi Sarah, can have a select set of users to get ability to modify the playbooks. But once a playbook has been applied to a CTA any user can change those tasks (but not the playbook itself)
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Hi Sarah, 

We had something similar in mind– i.e. there are some tasks that are too important to have CSMs (or anyone really) changing due dates (e.g. Renewals playbooks).

What we wound up doing is turning on history tracking for the CSTask object and used History: CSTask to see when a change to due date was made.

Then created formula field on the CSTask object to see how much of a change was made. Pretty simple– JBCXM__Date__c - JBCXM__OriginalDueDate__c

If a CSM changes a due date by more than a defined number of days (for renewals tasks specifically), we create a CTA for the CSM's manager to provide approval. We setup a picklist of reasons and a text area for notes that the manager to fills out. (In the rule we filter for manager approval reas).

So, while we haven't found a way to prevent the changing of due dates, this processes gave us notifications for CSM managers and provided GS admins with reporting on why dates were updated. 

Hope this helps.