Does anyone use Gainsight and Pardot?

  • 18 January 2016
  • 6 replies

Our company recently purchased Pardot and I was wondering if anyone uses it in combination with Gainsight.  Ideally we would like to be able to fire CTAs based on logic in Pardot once we get up and running but I do not know if it is possible especially if the end user might not have a Pardot license.  

6 replies

We use Pardot, but my understanding is that GS does not integrate with it at this time. I am working closely with my Marketing team to manage this until then.
Thanks, Kristina!  Do you do any type of workflow to update the account object to then be able to fire a CTA off of?  
We are still in implementation, technically. It's on my list to manage further. What type of workflow? What kinds of updates? 
For example, If a contact clicked on a link in the email which logged something to the contact or account, then ran a CTA for the CSM based on that.  
We use Gainsight & Pardot, however in our implementation, the two systems really don't speak to each other directly (it's all done with Salesforce as the intermediary). We actually have our user/usage data fed into Gainsight via Mixpanel integration, then the relevant pieces of that data are funneled back to Salesforce records, which is then pushed to Pardot via custom fields. We can then run our Marketing automation off of that data (most if not all of our emailing is done via Pardot since we implemented that prior to Gainsight).

The nice thing about Pardot though is that it's not priced per license - so we basically give anyone on our CS team a limited Pardot license as well.
Seems like Zapier might work for this until GS can integrate directly with Pardot (we use both)