Duplicate Contacts

  • 3 October 2022
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If we have duplicate contacts in SFDC, once we clean that up, do we re-sync to GS?  Does that happen automatically?

What report would I run in GS to check to make sure i don’t have any duplicate contacts?

5 replies

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Hello @MelissaC wanted to check, have you got solution for your question or is it still open?

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The default key for Person records in email so Gainsight won’t create duplicate Person records if the email address is the same for more than one contact. If it is a different email address, then a new Person record would get created. 

Any records removed from Salesforce would not automatically be removed from Gainsight. People can be deleted from Gainsight on the C360 but this only removes the Company Person record. To delete the Person record, you would need to delete via Data Operations.


This is causing havoc in our org.  We manage all contacts in Salesforce - feeding “key contacts” to gainsight for our CSM motion.     When a contact gets their email corrected in Salesforce - it creates a duplicate in Gainsight.   Any time an email gets mistyped; or a domain changes (updates from long name to abbreviated, example)  it creates a duplicate.   

I can have an admin find a report where a gs contact name has 2 emails - then open up each in salesforce - identify the orphaned gainsight record (wrong email address), and manually go and delete the incorrect person record.  

This is pretty awful and time consuming.  Anybody have a better option?  Or a item on the product roadmap to solve this?  


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@jdoughe3 Have you tried person merge? I’d say you want to merge them instead of delete them? 

Thanks for the pointer to person merge, @alizee!    That helps on the workaround.   


I’m hoping gainsight has plans to leverage GSID/Salesforce ID instead of email address a key.