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  • 18 August 2021
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Hello Gainsight Admin community,


Next time you want to troubleshoot on usecases like

  1. How the field is getting the value into ?
  2. What is the source of the object ?
  3. How is the data flow happening ? 
  4. Are there dependencies to check before I delete ?

And many similar questions. Then you can use this super hero from Adminstration → Analyzer which is a one stop for most of the troubleshooting questions.


Where you can find multiple feature analysers that gives you a brief idea on what is happening at feature level.

Now select Object analyzer and go to the tab data flow diagram.
Select the object either Gainsight/Salesforce object. Here in this example I selected Company object. Click on view.


Which gives you a detailed data flow diagram on all the dependencies/inflow/outflow of the object we selected.


  1. You can click on those circled numbers and scroll down to get the details of the rules that are populating data into them
  2. Choose a specific field on the right side of which you want to understand the data flow. I selected ARR as a field in the below screenshot


You can now click on those rules to understand how and when the data is populating into the field.


Hope this helps!

Happy Gainsighting :)

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@shivani Thank you for sharing it here.

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This is brilliant. Thank you for sharing this!