Gainsight tool for Zendesk Setting Owner As System Administrator

  • 2 November 2021
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Hi Team,

Before upgrading to Gainsight NXT environment, the Gainsight tool in Zendesk which allows Zendesk users to create Gainsight CTAs had left the owner field as Blank but now since Customer(Phorest) has upgraded to NXT, the tool is setting the CTA Owner as System Administrator. User do not want this to happen and the owner field should be left blank. Is there a way to achieve this or this is expected. Refer to the below screenshot.

4 replies

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Hello @Amrith82, thank you for posting on Community. Passing this along to our Product Manager to be looked into and circle back to you with an answer.

@Amrith82 CTA owner is a mandatory field and hence cannot be blank.This is an expected behaviour.

@Cornelia @Amrith82 is there any update on this, please?  I’m also wondering why it doesn’t allow to set up a view for these CTAs in cockpit. You can filter to System Administrator in reports, but once in the cockpit, it does not return anyone 


@Cornelia @Amrith82 @sriram pasupathi would any of you be able to follow up with this, please? Ideally, we would like to only allow the user to create a Gainsight CTA through the Zendesk ticket if they add an owner to it, instead of it from being able to be sent as blank, resulting in it adding the default “System Administrator”.