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  • 10 July 2020
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The problem I’d like to solve is getting visibility into Github for our Account Execs (sales people)


Some details:

  • Our sales team uses Gainsight Team View in SFDC
  • We are almost done setting up the Gainsight / Zendesk integration
  • The team would really like to see Github tickets open for customers as well
  • We use Github for two things:
    • Engineering escalations from Support
    • Customer Requested Enhancements

Has anyone integrated Gainsight with Github?


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3 replies

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Hi @scott_sigsci. I have never integrated Github with SFDC but your use case is very similar to how I have integrated Jira with GS in the past. 

If you can create an automated CSV export from Github, you could setup an s3 connection to ingest the data. This is probably the best and easiest option for Gainsight’s Nxt version unless you use the API. 

The other option that works well with the SFDC version of Gainsight is to use a Github to Salesforce connector. There isn’t any out-of-the-box connectors for Github and Gainsight but there are some to SFDC. Here are a couple examples that are provided by 3rd parties:

If you are on the Salesforce version of Gainsight, you can use on of the connectors above to load the new tickets and enhancements into Salesforce and then show it in Gainsight. 

If you are on the Nxt version, you can use the CSV ingest I mentioned above or load it to SFDC and then bring it into GS via the connector or rule. 


@jean.nairon Thank you very much for the response, and that definitely answers my question and clarifies the options. I appreciate the help...

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Glad to help! Good luck on pulling in the data. 

The one challenge I have run into on this type of data is it often doesn’t include an Account ID. If you are recording which accounts these escalations or enhancements are coming from, then you can easily add the data to the C360. If you are recording a Zendesk ticket number in Github, you could use that as the link as long as all your Zendesk tickets are linked to an account.

If you can’t link the data to an account, it is hard to properly show the data in Gainsight.