Has anyone configured a freshdesk integration?

  • 31 January 2018
  • 3 replies

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Without a native connector per Zendesk, I'm looking for any help with a light or zero dev solution to getting FD tickets into Gainsight daily, either via API or drop to the S3 connector.  It appears that the FD/SDFC integration (which we do have live) is pretty limited, and only shows an iframe type ticket view, so I assume can't be accessed by rules engine. We also just tested as a3rd party approach, but it only allows a single datapoint to be scheduled/sent.

Any advice or help appreciated!

3 replies

Hi Adam, S3 connector or Bulk API's might be the way to go. Can you please let me know what processing you intend to do with FD tickets data? This information will help us build the right set of API's to bring in Case data into Gainsight. Thanks! 
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Sumesh, thanks for the response - it looks like we 'may' have solved this (pending more testing). To help anyone else in same situation, freshdesk have an 'activated on request' extension to their SFDC connector which sends ticket data in a way that can be referenced by MDA. 
I need help to intergrate the ticket data into Gainsight. The intergration using the SFDC only works when you are using SFDC in classic and we have all moved to lighting.