Hyperlink to specific SFDC objects, i.e. Account Number, Case Number, etc from anywhere they display

  • 18 November 2015
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Need the ability to link to specific SFDC objects wherever they appear.  For example:

1.  On the C360 page, in the Summary section, I have Account Number listed.  I want to have that field hyperlink back to the SFDC Account page.

2.  On the C360 page, I have a Case Reporting section which displays support case reports.  I want the Case Number field in those reports to be a hyperlink back to the SFDC Case.

3.  On the Gainsight Dashboard, if I have a report that references Account Number or Case Number, I need it to link back to the SFDC component page.

6 replies

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Salesforce actually makes this relatively easy to set up if you're able to add a field to the objects you want to link back to - I've used it in a couple implementations.

For the Case Number, for instance, if you (or your Salesforce Admin) create a formula field that outputs a text value, and use the function HYPERLINK() to create a link underneath the Case Number that's displayed.  You'd then use this field instead of the actual Case Number field in all your reports, etc. where you wanted the quick-link to the case by Number, and clicking on it, whether in a dashboard or on a 360, would take you to the case.

If you don't have the freedom to add a field to a Salesforce object, though, I'm not sure there's an easy answer at the moment, as you're looking at a Salesforce field, so you're inside the Salesforce architecture. 

I'll leave it to the engineers to comment on whether we're working on a way to create hyperlinked fields from our MDA back into the Salesforce org - but that would be down the road.
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Jeff, did you ever make that change suggested here and did it work?
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We are still in the process of this.  Our Salesforce team has created new fields with the hyperlink, however these have not yet been promoted to production for us to test.  
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I'll do the same. Let me know when you test if it works please. 
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Will do Andrew!
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Hey Andrew - this worked for us for the most part.  We had these fields created:

Account Object============


Case Object




Contact Object



I have gone into the C360 Sections and replaced Account_Number__c with Account_Number_Link_c on the Summary section and it now displays the hyperlinked Account Number on the C360 page.  The only thing I can't do there is change the label, so it shows up as Account Number Link.

The other issue is I tried to replace Account Number with Account Number Link on one of the standard layouts which displays on the Customers tab.  Instead of showing me the hyperlinked Account Number, it just shows the hyperlink code:

Replacing the Contact and Case links in our reports worked though.  Now CSMs can click on the Case Number and it take them directly to the support case page.  Same with Contacts.

Hope this helps!