Ideas for tracking risk mitigation activities and results.

  • 19 March 2019
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We've recently implemented a risk CTA process to better track customer risks. This is working great for analyzing what risks are currently open, but to expand on this process, our leadership team is asking for a way to track what actions our CSMs are taking to try to address these risks and then untimately what worked to fully mitigate the risk. We're using timeline for general updates, but it isn't really condusive for reporting on these activities. We're considering a custom drop down field on the CTA object or Risk specific closed status' but want to get some additional ideas/feedback before we just start adding fields! Anyone have risk mitigation reporting/best practices to share?


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Hi Katie,

Thanks for sharing this. One quick question : The main reason you are not using CTA - Timeline is because of the difficulty in reporting ? If so, it would be really useful if you can share some details on the kind of reports you'd like to see ex. a report with CTA data & the latest timeline entry made for the CTA?


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Yes, our main concern with timeline is ease of reporting. We are using it for ongoing comments and updates and for that it works great. What we're looking for is a better way to track specific mitigation actions (we're probably going to be utilizing playbooks/tasks for this piece) and reporting on what final action worked to mitigate the risk so we can track and find any trends. It's difficult to pull trends out of timeline notes since they are just free text and I'm not sold on just adding custom fields to the Timeline activity to check a box.

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@katie_b This use case can be solved by our latest released feature Data Designer. I would recommend you to go through this article page. Please let us know if you need any help here.