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  • 1 August 2018
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We are making some changes to our statuses, and as I was trying to inactivate some of the current ones, I noticed that there's a limitation that it can't be in use on a CTA.  I think this makes sense for any statuses that don't close the CTA, but for ones that do, I'm not sure that should be a limitation.  Ideally, I wouldn't have to move the CTAs in the closed status that I want to deactivate because I want to still be able to report on that status historically.  With a process change, it's not longer a valid option for the CSM moving forward, but it was valid prior to the process change, and I'd like the data to reflect that.  

3 replies

Hi Heather,

Thanks for sharing this. If I understand correctly, you want to make a status (which is a close status) inactive...and to do that today you need to change the CTAs that have the status to something else? Agree, that we can allow making a status as inactive even if there are existing CTA's...and that status should not be allowed going forward.

Also, do you have any rules that creat/close CTAs with this status? What do you think should they be updated to / should they be explicitly changed by the admin before allowing deactivation?
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That's correct.  I'm currently not using the statuses I'm removing in any rules, but I have run into that when changing Reasons, so agree that a notification that it's being used might be good.  Maybe another tab sort of like the Dependencies on the objects under Data Management?

Hello Everyone! 

Happy to announce that your request has been considered and included as part of the v6.14 release.  Previously, it was only possible to deprecate or make existing Cockpit picklists such as CTA Types/Reasons/Status/Priority/Snooze and Success Plan Templates/Types/Objective Categories inactive. Gainsight now supports deprecating and making Playbooks inactive.

Along with making Playbooks inactive, Gainsight also made some minor behavior changes to the following Cockpit and Success Plans assets while making them inactive:

  • CTA Picklists
  • Success Plan Templates
  • Success Plan Types
  • Success Plan Objective Categories

This feature is implemented in only the NXT version.

Thanks for posting!