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  • 23 July 2020
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Does anyone have a spotfire integration set up? Any advice on the best way to do this?


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Hi @ml2019 - Can you tell us more about the use case you are trying to achieve: are you looking to export data to Spotfire or import it? Which kind of data are looking import/export? And which version of Gainsight are you on?

Depending on your use case and how you want to analyze data, you might be best off connecting to SFDC and then to Gainsight. There is a Spotfire to SFDC connector, here is some additional info on it. 

Once you provide a bit more info about your use case, I can provide some additional thoughts on how you might want to architect this. 

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Hi @jean.nairon , thank you! I didn’t know about the connector. I am looking to import platform usage data from Spotfire to ultimately end up in gainsight. I’m on the SFDC version. Looking forward to your thoughts

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@ml2019 - What level of granularity would you like the data to appear in Gainsight? Are you looking to show all usage events or are you planning to aggregate it by day, week, month, or longer?

Here’s an article in Gainsight Support on the granularity of data for Adoption Explorer. The Explorer can be a great tool for your team to use if you are wanting to be able to analyze the data. Alternatively, some people just bring in running totals of usage. Ex: they just want to see the number of logins during the last 30 days. How granular you want your data will infer what data you want to bring in. 


Volume of Data

The volume of data you want to load to Gainsight will impact the solution you might want to take here for integration. If you are planning to load usage data at a very granular level (ex, a user login event, or daily summary totals per user), it may end up being a lot of data to load. Whereas if you just plan to load totals per month per company, it will mean you will be loading a lot fewer records. 


Data Architecture

Typically, most people will load this data to a new object so that they can track usage across periods. So that way you could have records for period 1, period 2, and so on to show a trend. If you load this data to just the Company or the Person, you will only be able to show data at a point in time (ex: usage over last 30 days). So I would recommend creating a new object to load this data to and I would recommend either doing daily or monthly usage totals. This will allow you to easily aggregate the data by month, quarter, or by year later if you need. 


Data Ingest - Salesforce Connector

The Spotfire Salesforce connector will allow you to easily load your Spotfire data into Salesforce. I was looking through the setup and it looks pretty straightforward to setup but I have never done it. 

It will load the data into an SFDC table which you could then easily show in the C360 or use in the rules engine or journey orchestrator programs. 

Pro Tip: If you plan to load this data to SFDC, make sure to check how much space you have and what the costs are for getting more space in the database should you have a large volume of data. SFDC can get expensive with lots of data.


Data Ingest - Direct to Gainsight via S3

If you think you will have too much data for SFDC or if you want to load directly into Gainsight, you could use S3. I saw that you can export Spotfire to S3 via this article. This will allow you to ingest the data directly into a Gainsight MDA table. Gainsight’s costs for data and amount data you can load are different than Salesforce and can be much more accommodating to large volumes. 

Once you have the data export to the S3 bucket, you can ingest it using the S3 Connector or Rules Engine:

Pro tip: I would recommend using the Rules Engine over the Connector as it is more robust and provides better error logs. It can be much easier to troubleshoot data issues if you think there will be problems in your data. The Rules Engine can run up to every 2 hours and Connectors can run every hour which can also impact which solution is best for you. 


Lot’s of things to decide. Hope this helps you in your decision making! 





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Wow @jean.nairon Thanks so much for all of this information! It sounds like the best option would probably be s3 and load to custom object via rules engine. As far as exporting from spotfire, do you know if you can schedule the export daily for example or does this have to be done manually? It wasn’t clear from just reading the doc.

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You’re most welcome @ml2019. I’m not sure if you can schedule the export. I suspect there must be a way as this is pretty standard functionality now days. I would reach out to your Spotfire CSM or Support to confirm how to do it. 

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Does anyone have a spotfire integration set up? Any advice on the best way to do this?

@jean.nairon Thanks for your time and detailed description!