Is it possible for the linked Contact on a CTA to sync with Salesforce?

  • 31 January 2018
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I was wondering if there was a way this up in Gainsight (or Salesforce). When a CTA is created with a linked contact and then that CTA syncs to the Salesforce "Call to Action" object, that we could have that linked Contact also populate in the salesforce record?

I was trying to edit the layout of the Call to Action object and there was no option for "Contact". I am just curious into why this field wouldn't be included, seems to be relevant that the contact associated with the CTA also sync with the Salesforce log. Especially when the default pushes "CTA Type" and "Reason" which are CTA specific fields. 

Not sure if there is a workaround on this or if this is just not supported. Thanks!

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Hey, Are you linking the contact as "Linked object" or you using associated contacts? 
I am using the Associated Contacts option.
Is this sync a default setting? Just wondering since the Call to Action object in SFDC doesn't even have the field option. So that would require GS to send that information and then I would need to create a new field in SFDC for the Contact to map to.
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Hey Manmeet, All the associated contacts are stored in object called "AssociatedRecord" in Salesforce. 

What exact details you want to sync with Salesforce and to which object.
Hi Sai,

Thanks for that info! i wasn't sure which object it gets stored in. 

I was just trying to have it show up in the Call to Action object, where the CTA syncs to in Salesforce.

Right now, it has almost all the relevant data. Such as the Assignee, CTA Type, Reason, Due Date, Comments. 

The only one I couldn't get to sync to that record was the Associated Contacts. 

Is there a way to set this up? Any help would be much appreciated!
Hi Manmeet,

Is the main purpose for reporting (as in do you want to report on the associated contacts data along with the CTA data?). If so, you could try using Data Spaces to achieve it. 

Would this work?

If you want it to be present on the CTA object you could use rules to populate that data onto the Call to Action object. But since for one CTA you could have multiple associated contacts, in the "AssociatedRecord" object there would be multiple entries for one CTA.
Hi Aditya,

It's more due to the way we have segmented our clients. We have CSMs and AMs on each account. The CSM focuses on relationships and adoption so works out of Gainsight. While the AM focuses on renewals and the sales side, so works primarily out of Salesforce. 

We want to keep the transparency between the two roles on each account. AMs haven't been very good at looking in the Gainsight widget so to accommodate them I was trying to get the contact from the CTA in gainsight to populate along with the CTA when it syncs to SFDC. 

I was trying to use the Rule Builder to populate to the Call to Action object. However, when I go to the "Permissions - Rules Load Actions" to allow GS to load to the Call to Action object in SFDC, the object does not appear in the drop down menu. Any reason why that might be happening? Seems strange that it's one of the objects that I can't access when it ties directly into CTAs and Gainsight processes. 
Follow up question. What's the difference between how the the Linked Object is stored vs the Associated Contact?
Hi Manmeet,

My bad...we do not allow loading into the Call to Action object via rules.

Would reporting on the "AssociatedRecord" object in salesforce help? That object would have basic details about the associated contact & the CTA.