Is it possible to add attachments to a CTA?

  • 31 May 2019
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Hi all,

I am looking into if Gainsight has the ability to attach a document to a CTA. I saw but it looks like that is for the CSM to add an attachment after the fact. That is not our use cause.

Example: Executive Business Review is sent to the CSM - Can we attach a sample EBR agenda that the CSM can review?

Potential workaround could be to have the sample agenda be a task within a playbook but wanted to see if anyone else has done something similar.




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5 replies

We've worked around this by adding a link to a google doc or PDF in our Team Drive. If you add the link to the comments section, the CSM can click on it.

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Other ideas for your use case:

1) If they would send the agenda via email, you could use Email Assist to have that as part of the playbook and ready to send to the customer.

2) You can leverage Success Snapshots to help them quickly build not only the agenda but deck for the EBR

3) Link in comments as Faust recommended

Thank you very much Denise!

Thank you Faust! I think that would be the best option for the team to utilize.

@joe_difilippo Happy to help! It has worked well with our team so far.