Issue with Success Plan Objective Template

  • 1 February 2022
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Has anyone experienced an issue with Success Plan Objective Templates, when adding a template and to a success plan we are having to refresh the screen in order to view the objectives/CTA’s that are populated. As you can imagine this is a huge issue for our CSM’s just hoping to get clarity and hoping it is a bug that is being addressed.


2 replies

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I have not run into this issue. The screen populates with the newly added Objectives arriving via the SP Template immediately.


I’m on NXT Edition, with Horizon-ized Success Plans and Cockpit.


@matthew_lind here are some screen shots of how it functions, any suggestions would be appreciated.  I am also on the NXT Edition.


  1. I select Apply Template from the Objectives screen 
  2. Select the template I want to apply
  3. Then get the blank screen, I have to go to Gantt chart and back to the CTA screen to see them populated