Link Opportunity tasks to CTA

  • 2 February 2018
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We have recently enabled linking CTA to Opportunity and this feature is fantastic!  The current ask is for this linking to be established between Opportunity tasks and CTAs.  Right now the tasks created in the CTA sync with the Account object instead of the Opportunity object in question.  Ideally we would like these tasks to sync to the Opportunity in most cases so activity tracking and next steps are clearly linked to the Opportunity they are associated with.  This will be especially helpful in cases where Opportunities are handed off so the associated completed tasks and pending tasks are clear to the team member that takes over.

The next ask is that if someone creates a task in SFDC on a linked CTA, that task is merged into the CTA as well.  This might be a tougher ask but certainly worth mentioning.  If one or both of these asks can be incorporated as an option on the CTA that would be great!

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Hi Dale,

 As we can have multiple linked objects to a CTA, there will be a conflict to choose particular linked object Id as a Related Id when syncing to Salefsorce Task. This is doable when we have only one linked object configured, but there would be a disconnect again if we add a new linked object at later point of time. That's why we use common parent attribute for all the linked objects i.e Account Id as related Id for Salesforce Task.