Managing Franchises in C360s

  • 23 December 2021
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Hi All,


I’m after some advice please …. I’m sure others have come across the same so hoping someone, somewhere may have a good solution!



We are a SaaS company and use SFDC as the main CRM with Gainsight for CS Team. Majority of our customers are individual entities so easily managed in C360s. However, we also have Franchises - some 5 main Parent companies, each has between a handful to 1200 individual franchisees that exist as individual accounts in SFDC, with individual contracts, contacts etc (think major fast food companies with all their stores). These are often tiny customers individually but collectively they can be classed as a High Touch customer. 

My dilemma is - how can we manage these in Gainsight in C360 effectively? Each of the parent companies will have a CSM assigned but with the current set up of all these thousands accounts set up individually, it’s a nightmare to view and manage them all in one place. 

Relationships might work but is not an option for us. We cannot merge them in SFDC, only establish the parent : child hierarchy.  

We could design a dashboard specifically for the Franchisees that would give us visibility into these in one place,  but is there another way to manage this in C360? I’d envisage one C360 - the parent one, where we could manage a Success Plans, QBRs, healthscore etc, but with all the individual franchisees will be visible in this C360  via a separate tab or hierarchy (they all have separate contracts and contacts). 

Any thoughts welcome. 



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@katerina_nemcova In the past, we’ve added a checkbox on the account page in SFDC to indicate that we should pull the account into Gainsight, and then, configured the Company (Account) Hierarchy section on the C360 to make it easier to get to those “child” accounts.  Here’s the link to the NXT documentation for that:

Seemed to work pretty well.