Multiple case statements in Advanced Formula?

  • 6 March 2018
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I am trying to leverage an Advanced Formula in Data Management and where I have successfully used them before for IF-THEN-ELSE type scenarios, does anyone know if you can do IF-THEN-ELSIF-THEN-ELSE type scenarios?

I tried 

case when (X < Y and X is not null) then 0 else (X > Y and X < Z) then 50 else (X > Z) 100 end

That didn't work (neither did removing the brackets) so I'm thinking either my syntax is bad or this is not possible.  Any feedback?

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1 reply

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Figured this out with a little help from Gainsight:

case when X < Y then 0 when (X > Y and X < Z) then 50 else 100 end

Looks like you go straight into a "when" statement after the first value option. Not need for a "then" 

And just tie it off with an "else # end"