Once CTA alert handling 3 scenarios at different timeframes

  • 26 October 2020
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Hi everyone,


Keen to hear your thoughts please on this use case and how best to handle it? 


We use Journey Orchestrator to manage our low-touch renewals, sending several letters to customers when they are due in X days. Majority of these are low touch/low value so we don’t want to allocate resources unless at risk or need to take action should they fail to renew. Currently we have one risk CTA automatically flagged 2 weeks prior to the renewal date if the customer still hasn’t renewed - this is giving us heads up (and feeds into the health score), but at this point there may not be any action. I’d like to extend this by 2 further tasks/actions when the following happens:

  • customer fails to renew and now they are overdue - 30 day termination notice served
  • internal notice to start suspending service

Indeed I could have three CTAs handling this process but is there a way to include these 3 actions in just one CTA? I would envisage this would need to work like this:

  • Customer is due in 2 weeks and still hasn't renewed - a risk CTA is generated. It may have just one task. The CTA being generated impacts the account healthscore showing there is a risk.  
  • In 14 days, customer fails to renew and are now officially overdue. The trigger for this would be another JO program that triggers 30day termination notice. Rather than creating a new CTA, the same CTA is updated with commentary (or Timeline log but must be automated) or a new playbook which is added to the existing list of task(s). Maybe its priority is updated from Medium to High. In any case,  we need to know there has been an update - the owner may / may not be the same so they would need to be somehow notified. Also the healthscore would drop further now recording this as churn notified.     
  • the 30 days have passed, customer still hasn’t paid so we need to start the termination process. Currently we have a JO program which send out internal notification. At this point, the CTA owner changes to a different team who handles the terminations. The CTA status would be updated and maybe new playbook added. 


Keen to hear whether anyone has managed to build anything similar? Or would we need to handle this via 3 separate CTAs?  


Thanks in advance. 




2 replies

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Hi @katerina_nemcova 

We’re working on building the renewals process out in more depth as well - I’d think multiple CTA’s here but keen to see what others are doing here.







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@meenal_shukla , @anirudh_allika  and @seth do you have any idea?