Playbooks not available error message / CTAs dropdown blank

  • 12 December 2017
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Hi, has anyone else experienced a "Playbooks not available" error message, and/or a blank dropdown in the Reason field when adding a CTA? 

I've seen this behavior for multiple users across our org, many times, during a training and in their day-to-day. I'd love to learn if other orgs have experienced this too and how best to solve. I've asked our users to refresh, close out of and restart Gainsight, which only works sometimes. It has been disruptive to workflow as our users are updating multiple CTAs from their Cockpit. 


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Hi Diana, By default we don't ship any playbooks for 'Objective and Activity' types, so when you select these types you get this message "Playbooks not available".

If at all you get the same issue while selecting the other types, could you please post here with a screenshot for better understanding

Hi Sai, I have uploaded a screenshot with the error message. Our playbooks are configured at the relationship level. They should be available to all users from the dropdown, regardless of the reason selected. 
In addition, we routinely see a blank dropdown when adding the CTA reason. Refreshing works sometimes, but not always. Any thoughts as to why? 
Hi Diana,

Are the CTA's also at the relationship level? (Playbooks configured for a particular relationship type are not available at the account level and vice versa )
Hi Diana,

We are talking here regarding 2 issues here,

1) CTA reason drop-down is seen as blank - which is very intermittently (Question: How frequently are you seeing the issue, is it only with Reason drop-down or with Type, Status, Priority as well? )

2) Playbook's are not seen - Is it also intermittent issues, if not can you answers Aditya's question


Yes, the CTAs are also at the relationship level. Our users do not log CTAs at the account level.
Hi Hitesh, 

1) This happens routinely with the Type and Status as well. 

2) Playbooks and CTAs are configured at the relationship level. We do not have playbooks configured at the account level. 


Hi Diana,

1) This looks like some intermittent issue to me, request you to raise a support ticket for the same.

2) So Playbooks will only be seen when your trying to Create Relationship level CTA, as we dont show relationship playbooks when create Account CTA. Let me know if thats not the case.


Thanks, I filed a support ticket last week.
Diana, was this ever resolved?  I'm having the same error.  I created some playbooks at the relationship level, and now I'm creating success plans at the relationship level.  After I create my objective I'm trying to map it to the playbook I created and I'm getting the same error as you 'Playbooks not available'
Sam, you may not ship Playbooks for Objectives, but why wouldn't GS see the playbook I created?  The playbook and my success plan are at the relationship level, but when I try to map an objective to my playbook I get the 'Playbooks not available' message
Hi Mary,

Is this an intermittent issue or you are always seeing this issue?


Hi Hitesh,

I'm trying to create my first Success Play.  So at the relationship level I created several playbooks, then I went into Admin Success Plans to configure the plan.  I did this at the relationship level.  I created a success play type, then created a template based on that type.  I defined 3 Objectives, and after creating those I tried to click on the 'Map Playbook' from the upper right dropdown on the objective and I get the message that playbooks are not available.  Is there some type of linkage I need to do to get my playbooks to appear?
Hi Mary, our users continue to experience the playbooks not available error message intermittently. So far, we've not been able to identify what's causing this.
Hi Mary, our users continue to experience the playbooks not available error message intermittently. So far, we've not been able to identify what's causing this.
Very frustrating!  Not sure how I get around this.  I can't launch a Success Plan without the playbooks.
So I found out that for Success Plans the type of Playbook must be Objective in order for it to show up when I try to map an Objective to a Playbook.  So mystery solved, this is now working for me!