Pre-fill To and CC fields with Email Assist / Email Template / CTA Email Task

  • 11 May 2018
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Is there a way to pre-populate both Contacts and Users in the To and CC fields of an email when launched from a CTA's Email Task / using Email Assist? 

Use Case: 

We serve K-12 Education, both schools and districts, and we are typically targeting our communications to people filling particular roles such as Principal, Teacher, IT Contact, Buyer, and so on. 

It would be a time-saver for our CSMs, when managing their CTAs, if when they click "Validate Email" that the email template appears with Contacts and Users pre-populated based on certain criteria that our admin would build into the template itself or something.  

For example: 

The To field would pre-populate with any Contact on the Account or its Parent Account (...because we have Schools that live under Districts in the Account Hierarchy and we might need both levels...) where the Position field value includes "Principal", "Administrator" or "Buyer." 

And the CC field would pre-populate with members of the Account Team in SFDC, which are User lookups, including the Sales Rep, Implementaiton Manager, etc. etc. 

Additionally, we would like to include a filter by "Active" Contacts only, by whatever field we choose to determine that on our Contacts.

The CSM would then be able to remove anyone from those fields if they want to, a lot faster than they would be able to add people, and then send the email.  

We have looked at Automated Outreach, but at this stage of our implementation of Gainsight, it is a bit TOO advanced for us, and we do not yet trust the system to know when outreach is appropriate or not, which email version to send, and to whom.  We still require it to be a human decision, which is why we're using email tasks on CTAs. 

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Hi Sarah,

I discovered recently that, when the Rule generates the CTA, if it links that CTA with a Contact, then that Contact will appear in the "To" field in Email Assist. However, I don't believe there's a way to get the additional recipients into the CC line.

That said, the Rule [i]could pump that info into a Comment on the CTA, so at least it's easily accessible for the CSM.
That might be a good workaround to at least put the information at their fingertips. Thanks!
Hi Sarah,

Yes as Seth said you can populate 1 Contact in the To field. If there are multiple Contacts at CTA level, we pick the last added contact (that has email address), for more information Click Here


Thanks, Hitesh.  

Would it be possible to either build a rule in Gainsight that queries Contacts and associates them to CTAs automatically on the back-end, OR to use Salesforce data loading tools to import Associated Contacts on CTAs?  (Still just looking for all potential options that might work!)
Hi Sarah,

From Rules you can associate contact only when new CTA is created, associating contacts to existing CTA is not present as of now.

I am not sure about the data loader part as its never tested.


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