Question. Is there a document on how to get a NEW Custom Object to Link to a CTA?

  • 28 January 2021
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In re-envisioning a process that our CSMs currently, I came across the article “Create CTA Forms Using Linked Objects”.  Reading it….this would answer a lot of our questions, and address some issues.


However, while I figured out how to create the new Custom Object in SF - I can’t seem to figure out how to get GS to see it as an option to Link my CTA Type to.  


Is there another document/guide that I’m missing to fully see this setup?


Thank you all!


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3 replies

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I’m actually in the same boat - I assume you’ve seen this article as well?


Make sure you have permission in SFDC for the object you want to pull in. If it is restricted you may not be able to see it. The object will also need a lookup to the account object.

And, when I asked about this, I was told that “the Oauth user having permission to the object is the only pre-requisite for getting fetched into Rules”. While this isn’t a rules issue, GS might be looking at the same permissions.


Sorry for the word vomit but hopefully some of that is helpful.

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@bradley Thank you! Adding ‘Account’ to the new Custom Object solved my issue! Thank you!  I don’t often configure inside of SFDC.  Thank you again! It’s working now!!! 

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@sagan_sherlin awesome, glad I could help!