Reporting - Historical Call to Action Data

  • 19 September 2023
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We want to see how many times a CSM had a On Track status for a specific type of CTA and we want to see this YTD, is it possible to see this now? This is to help determine KPIs for our CSMs.

2 replies

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@pchoe Thinking on my toes here, but I don’t think there is an out of the box Call to Action historical object in Gainsight, at least from what I’ve noticed. Instead, you could build a report using the Call to Action object and drag the Created Date field into filters, filtering for Created Date = this year, which will get all CTAs created this year so far (YTD). From there, you can add filters to narrow your report down to the specific CSM you want to see this data for, plus filtering for Status = On Track and whichever CTA type you’re looking for.

To put it a bit more clearly, the filters would be similar to this:

  • Created Date = This Year
  • Status = On Track
  • CSM = [insert desired name here]
  • Type = [insert desired type here]

To get the KPI, you can do a distinct count of the CTA GSID to give you the number of CTAs matching your filter criteria, and then you can add necessary fields to the drilldown as needed.


Thanks for the attempt, I used the same filters you provided but it gives me the same records for our report that shows Current On Track VOs by IM. Hopefully in the future Gainsight is able to provide reporting on this historical data.