Scorecard Sync to Account in Salesforce

  • 6 February 2023
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I am looking to set up a sync from Scorecard to Account in Salesforce. How do people pull in the latest score value to the account/company level? I need it for multiple measures: Overall, Invoice, NPS, etc.


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The Overall score is already linked on the Company Object under Current Score. To get measure or group scores, you’ll want to use the Unified Scorecard Fact object and then filter by measure name for each measure. You’ll need to add the field “Label” under Current Score ID if you use Red/Yellow/Green scoring to your show field. If you use numeric scoring, you’ll use the “Score” field. From the Company object that has join/lookup on the Unified Scorecard Fact object, include SFDC Account ID in the Show. Then in your Action for the Rule, you would do a Load to SFDC Object. For the right object and fields to show in the Action step, you’ll need to make sure your “Rule Settings” > Permissions (Load Actions) include that object and field(s). Be sure to include the identifier field here as well (this will probably be the Account ID if you are loading to the Account Object).