Shareable Link from Report Builder

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In SFDC Classic there was an individual url link created in GS Report Builder which you were able to share, however in SFDC Lightning’s version of GS Report Builder there is no unique url- each report you create is just “” without a report specific link at the end. 


Is this a feature that could be reinstated? 

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@kate_wigglesworth - you can share a unique url via the share option in report builder 


and choose share as link



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Thanks @Azad ! My understanding is this section lets you email the link to anyone internally but not a “copy & paste” link option. Is there a way to get the link without emailing to anyone? Or is the workaround to email the link to myself and copy from there? Thanks for your help! 


Is there an answer to support this workflow? I often want to share a direct link to a report in a Slack thread or collaborative document. This method of sharing does not support that standard use case.  Thanks!