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  • 2 February 2024
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Hi All - 

Looking for some advice and/or ideas.

In our previous system we were able to add tags to an Account to identify when they were in a specific cohort for a Special Project. This allowed us to track and allowed for segmentation in reporting. 

Since Gainsight doesn’t have the concept of Tags, I was thinking of creating a Special Projects or Tags Object (Field) and then making that a muli-select drop down. I would then add to that dropdown as Special Projects come up. 

I was wondering if anyone else had done this or has another idea. 



1 reply

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Hi Laurie! We do something like this in the timeline where we have a multi-select dropdown field called “Update Type” which holds different update/meeting types internal users can have with clients. This makes it easy to report on these update types across Gainsight and other systems. Just a word to the wise that since it’s multi-select, your filtering logic will likely include a lot of “contains” operators depending on what you’re looking for.

Forgive the overly simplistic naming, but for example, if you have a multi-select field called “Special Project” with two dropdown items selected, say “Special Project A” and “Special Project B” and you are looking to report on the special project “Special Project A”, you’d want to set a filter for “Special Project” contains “Special Project A” and not equals as the operator (unless, of course, you are only looking for Special Projects with only Special Project A as the selected dropdown item). 

Just food for thought as this is something that took a day or two to get used to when reporting on our Update Type field.