Survey- Inline Editing in Gainsight Reporting Platform

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Dear All,

We would like to invite you to participate in a survey that we are conducting on Inline Editing in Reports. The purpose of this survey is to know and hear your thoughts on a few key aspects of the feature.

The survey should take approximately 2-3 mins to complete. To participate in the survey, simply click on the link.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to drop a comment below.

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us. Your input is essential in helping us to build a feature that meets your needs.

This is following the VCAM we had a couple of weeks ago 


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@darkknight, @acote, @alizee, @bradley could you pl spend a couple of minutes on the survey?  

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Tagging you @Matt_Hinds 

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I’m on it @anirbandutta and @Prateek Parashar.

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Thanks for the heads up!!

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Thanks, filling this out this morning!

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Thank you all for taking out time to provide your answers. 

I unintentionally deleted a question while sending out the survey. Would it be possible for you all to share your response to that question( it should be the 4th question from top). 

I have changed the settings so it will not require you to restart the process from scratch and you can provide your answer only to that question. You will  also see your answers to all previous questions.

I will also be sending an email with survey link . Apologies for the inconvenience.

Edit : Since google form is not allowing users to see the previous submitted forms, please feel free to submit answers only for multiple choice questions( while resubmitting again) Please ignore question requiring comments . We will take your responses for such questions from your earlier filled survey reponse.

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@Prateek Parashar Done but I had to resubmit everything, it didn’t show me the old answers. Anyway - CSMs shouldn’t be able to decide what fields can or cannot be edited.

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@alizee  Thanks for letting me know. I am trying to figure this out, but it looks like a google form limitation where while filling the form again ,user can’t see the previous saved responses ( was an incorrect information provided by me)


In the meantime, below is the question which I have added.

Do you as an admin want to mark a field as editable or should CSM (or CSM Manager) be able to mark this?

  • Only admin should be able to do this - permissions
  • Both - Any one should be able to do this
  • Both - Let admins define it at Object level (above) and if CSM’s can report on that object, let them define it at Report level - config
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I agree with @alizee , assigning editability should only be in the admins purview.

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Dear All,

Thank you sincerely for participating in our recent survey. We wanted to express our gratitude for your time and the valuable input you provided.Your feedback has been carefully considered, and we have taken into account the diverse perspectives shared by individuals like yourself.

We understand the importance of your time and greatly value your commitment to our survey. If you have any additional thoughts or suggestions, please don't hesitate to reach out. Your continued involvement is highly valued, and we are always eager to hear from you.

Thank you again for your time, insights, and dedication. We are truly grateful for your support.


Best regards

Prateek Parashar

Senior Product Manager- Gainsight Reporting

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Hi @Prateek Parashar & team, wondering if there was any outcome to this survey & VCAM that you could share with us? I just started with a new company who doesn’t use dashboards in Gainsight yet, with a big part of this being a lack of inline editing capabilities. Was very glad to find that y’all had this conversation pretty recently, and looking forward to hearing more!

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Hi @jenlpro  As a result of this survey and other user research activities that we did for this feature , we are releasing Inline Edit in Gainsight Reporting in Q4 ( tentative) by incorporating the users feedback received. Hoping that it will solve your use cases, once it releases. 


Hello @Prateek Parashar 

Could you please open the survey, I would like to submit my response based on my usage and scenarios we couldn’t achieve with this.


1)We can’t edit look up fields values,CSM(user) from the in-line edit functionlity on a low volume custom object.

2)Currently we can edit company,relationship fields from Home.Hope we can get this extended to reports.

3)Enabling this on scorecard mass edit would help CSM’s to take decisions based on the scores.

I could have shared feedback if Beta was enabled for us.Support deined to enable beta version on 22nd Januaryre when we were highly relied on this feature for our upcoming release with risk management.

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Hi @indraneelpampatiptc Thanks for sharing your feedback on the feature .

We did discuss the look up field scenario while we were building this feature and decided to not keep it as part of first scope.

Let us consider the below scenario where we have look up from a low volume object to Company object that has look up to User object 

Record    CSM        Company     CSM City

1              Prateek    Gainsight     Bangalore

2              Rakesh    Meesho        Hyderabad


If an user wants to edit Prateek to Rakesh for record 1 , should we go and just update ‘Prateek’ to ‘Rakesh’  or should system go and change the city name too.  In short which object data system should edit -  low volume object or both low volume object and  look up objects 

We don’t  know what the user intention is when they are updating the CSM value “ Prateek”. It would have needed a complex UI solution for system to understand what the actual ask here is, hence it was not included in the initial scope . 

Also, regarding look up fields edit- are you looking to edit ALL types of look fields or just giving an ability to edit Named fields would be enough ?


Happy to discuss further on this through any means to arrive at a solution that  solves your use case.

Hello @Prateek Parashar 


We would like the ability to assign CSM from the inline editor.

With respect to the question of should we change the city of the CSM,CSM city is a look up field(CSM>City),So  by changing the CSM the city should be changed automatically(Reflected) as its a look up field.

We may need to consider another use case





When we change the above data to




M1,Raja,hyd(this will also show chennai)

The third record will reflect chennai.When a user changes third record to bom and fourhtrecord to chennai,we can keep the last updated record which is chennai.

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Hello @indraneelpampatiptc 

I would like to learn more about point 2 that you have mentioned “Currently we can edit company ,relationship fields from Home.Hope we can get this extended to reports”


What is the use case for which you believe the existing My Portfolio widget that supports inline editing on Company and relationships doesn’t suffice - is this some existing functional limitations, UI?UX issues or something else? Would love to hear  your thoughts on this.