Unable to edit Person records in the Person section from C360 [NXT]

  • 11 February 2021
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Quick tip: Once after you sync the contacts from the connector sfdc job from Salesforce contact to Gainsight Person you will have a facility to add the person section in C360.

Steps to add Person section in C360:

  1. Administration  → Company → C360 layouts → edit layout → Add the Person section
  2. Click on gear/configure icon in the person section.
  3. Select list view if you want to merely see the Person data as a report from 360 Person section
  4. Select detail view if you want to edit the person records from C360 person section

Why I’m not able to edit person records:

  1. Make sure you have super admin permissions
  2. Make sure you have got edit admin permissions on the fields in the Person object.
  3. You must enable detail view as mentioned in the 4th setp above inorder to be able to edit the Person fields. Only the fields you have added in the detial view will be applicable for an edit operation and all other fields remain static.

Hope this helps!

Happy Gainsighting :)

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@shivani Thanks for sharing your inputs here!!