Update the Due date of the CTA according to Due date of the Task

  • 27 January 2022
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Hi Team,

If we change to Tasks due date in the Gantt Chart view then we are not getting the prompt the user to update the new date of the corresponding CTA. Please refer to the screen recording: https://share.getcloudapp.com/P8u61dZ2.

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2 replies

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Seconding this, all day, every day. That missing piece of functionality is really confusing to end users who want to quickly update the timetable, but do not get the expected “adjust other dates” prompt that they see when using non-Gantt pieces of the platform.

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Use case with steps
1. Create a Success Plan with at least 1 Objective with a Task within. For example, Due Date of Task is CTA Start Date + 5 days.
2. Amend Due Date of Task to be a later date
3. Note that the Due Date of the CTA is automatically made to be later, to match the Due Date of the Task within
4. Re-amend the Due Date of the Task to be earlier, perhaps back to the Original Due Date.
Expected Result
* The Due Date of the parent CTA "snaps back" to match the re-amended Due Date of the Task.
Actual Result
* The Due Date of the parent CTA stays at its later date, and the Task within has a Due Date earlier than the parent CTA.