Use Rules Engine to create CTAs containing info from Dataset result

  • 5 July 2018
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I ́m using Rules Engine to create CTAs from a CSV file containing hundreds records.

In this case i filtered to bring all records with usage above 90.

It bring 3 items

Now i want to create a CTA showing to the CSM these records and asking him to do some tasks (i ́ve already created the Playbook for this kind of CTA).

How can i show in CTA the Account, Relationship, opportunity and SKU of all theses records?

Or maybe create a CTA for each record?

I do not want to just warn CSM that there are records with usage above 90, I also want to show the records

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Hi Ricardo, if you want other data to be accessible for the CSM via the CTA, you will need to pull that data into your rule. In your specific example, for any data that is not in your CSV source, you can add another fetch task to your bionic rule and then merge the data from your CSV source with the additional data in the fetch task using the merge task