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  • 24 May 2021
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Gainsight has now added Viewer+ Analytics (paid) license which enables all stakeholders (such as Leaders or Sales persons) to better understand trends in your customer base with access to actionable insights that span your entire book of business. Users with this license can access additional features (than Viewer licensed users) such as Horizon Analytics Dashboards, CX Center (if purchased) and Renewal Center’s Analyze View (if purchased).

IMPORTANT: Viewer+ Analytics license type only works with Horizon Dashboards. As an admin, you must migrate your tenants to Horizon Analytics in order to leverage this feature. Contact your Account Manager for pricing information of Gainsight license types. 

Business use case: Leaders or Sales persons want to access insights on the overall status of their customer base, or segments of customers. Admins can assign them this license type so they can view these insights through Dashboards, CX Center (if purchased) or Renewal Center (if purchased).

Note: A new Permission Bundle called VIEWANALYTICS_GROUP is available now in the Permission Bundles page. This Bundle will be automatically assigned to Viewer+ Analytics licensed users.

The following table explains the detailed access of this license type in each Gainsight module:


Access Details

C/R 360

  • Read-only access to customer insights in C/R 360. 

  • Users can view the sections that are configured by their admin.

Timeline/Global Timeline

  • View Timeline updates via Timeline on a Customer’s 360 or on Global Timeline. 

  • Log and comment on updates (read/write).


  • Users can view Quick Insights from Sally.

Sponsor Tracking

  • This is part of C/R 360

  • Add and unlink Sponsors

  • View, Accept and Ignore notifications for Sponsors


  • Read only access to Scorecard activities in C360/R360, Timeline, and Renewal Center.

  • Add comments to Scorecard activity in the C360/R360.

People Maps (Only for Customers who have purchased this application)

  • This is part of C/R 360

  • Users can view, add, edit, replace or delete persons in the People Maps.

  • Users can also create new maps.

Dashboards (Horizon Analytics)

  • View all pre-created Dashboards assigned to you in the Dashboards section of Gainsight.

  • Apply filters and drill into charts. Read-only access to Mass Edit Reports.

  • Dashboards can be accessed by logging into Gainsight NXT directly or via the Gainsight mobile app:

    • When logging into Gainsight, this user group lands on the Dashboards page.

    • Users can access Dashboard insights via Quick Insights in Sally.

CX Center (Only for Customers who have purchased this application)

Read-only access to the Default View and Public views within the CX Center dashboard.

Renewal Center (Only for Customers who have purchased  this application)

Read only access to Analyze tab only:

  • Drill into Widgets & navigate to 360/timeline.

  • Include existing filter functionality.

  • View, but not edit, Scorecard scores.

Adoption Explorer>Analytics

  • View the existing Adoption Explorer Layouts in the Adoption Explorer > Projects > <Your_Project> > Layouts section.

  • Apply filters and drill down on the charts to gain more insights.



For more information about the new Gainsight license types, refer to the User License Management article.

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