Will Meeting Assist integrate with Teams?

  • 30 November 2023
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Word on the street is that Gainsight is working on Meeting Assist integration with Zoom.  Is integration with Teams in the works as well?  If so, any ballpark ETA on that?

3 replies


I would also like to know if this is happening or not so I can make plans for how to solve for this gap.  We are an MS Teams company, and we are going to have to invest in some other tool, reducing the use of Gainsight and this is not a direction I want to go if it can be avoided.  Any insight on the roadmap and an ETA on availability would be greatly appreciated.  

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We had a meeting not too long ago with our CSM and some other GS reps to go over Horizon AI. 
They did specifically say Meeting Assist for Teams was on the roadmap, but that Zoom would come first.

They did not, however, provide any sort of ETA. We are also waiting on this and would love to know.

Hi Team,

Yes, Meeting Assist for Teams is on the immediate roadmap.