Wrap Lines On Relationship Tile

  • 17 January 2017
  • 9 replies

I have seen this come up with a few customers who have requested the ability of wrapped lines on the Relationship name tile.  The amount of space isn't very large, so I can envision this happening with a lot of customers.  What we end up seeing is a partial name with three periods.  Any plans to allow line wrapping of names controlled at the Admin level? 

9 replies

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I believe we need the same thing for C360 Summary Tiles. If you are using a default widget, it's fine, but if you are using a customer field with a long label, it gets cut off.
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Agree that showing a partial name always, even if we have space, is not good. We are exploring making it more fluid. Will post an update once we have a solution in place.

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Any word on the progress of wrapping text for custom fields on C360/Relationship summary tiles?

Many thanks!
Is there any update on this?  Becoming an issue for multiple customers I am working with right now.
Will showing the complete name on tooltip will help ?
I think that will work for a workaround.  Ideally would like the ability to have both 🙂
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Azhar, by tooltip, do you mean a hover over with the full name or something they would actually have to click on?

Any further thoughts about using a smaller font and all the space?
Yes, Just mouse over shall show entire name, 

However, I tried implementing wrap lines. The thing that happens is some cards appear short and some long, because wrapping the lines spills text to another row. 
^Updated the comment. 

Because of short and long cards, the entire layout breaks. 😞