Configure Scorecard N/A options to not effect the overall score

  • 28 January 2016
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A couple of our scorecard measure have an N/A (not applicable) option  I've found that when people select this it skews the score down which makes sense since the grading scheme is set at the bottom with 0-1.  How do I allow for there to be an option for does not apply that will not effect the overall score?  Even if I make it 50/right in the middle that will also be an inaccurate representation of the overall score.

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3 replies

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If you are setting your scores by rules, you can write the rule to exclude the null value. 

We have several metrics, but only have 4 that are weighted. The others influence the overall score through rules where we average the scores together. Our rule is written to exclude null values.

Here is an article from the Support section that talks about a 0 weight versus an excluded weight, Configure Scorecard. Step 5: Set Weight is what you'd be interested in.
ah.  i removed the actual value and we'll just go with the default N/A.

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If you have measures that should "expire" and need to reset to N/A, you can write a rule that resets it.