Engaging Existing Customers Strategy

  • 28 November 2023
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Hi All! We have developed our Digital Customer Experience program's foundation, ensuring we connect with every new customer for their first year of engagement. Still, I’m curious about what JO strategies you've implemented to engage existing customers who are 1+ years old. We want to create meaningful and intentional content to make customers feel valued throughout the customer journey. 

4 replies

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@moellerbrianna  Dayn has touched upon creating meaningful content in JO programs here. Hope this helps! 

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I’m also going to loop @dayn.johnson in, in case he wants to share anything additional or if you want to share some questions with him. 🙌🏼

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We have an initiative that aims at letting people assess their progress with our technology while giving us insights into what they’re up to (and address both risks and opportunities). It’s two steps: 1/ assessment (once a year, at a pivotal point) 2/ personalized recommendations based on answers. That works repeatedly to track progress against goals and we can use it equally with smaller and older customers. 

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Thanks for the mention, @revathimenon!

Great question, @moellerbrianna -- something we’re still developing and iterating on. We’re continually walking the tightrope, balancing between under-engaging and over-emailing our existing clients, and I think the new dynamic JO builder (with the evaluate steps and branching logic) will be a key part of that as we bring our existing programs into the new model over the next several months while developing new, more calculated journeys.

Some of our thoughts, in no particular order:

  • Build out a segment (or develop an audience query) based on user age/stage and last activity date(s) to send recurring touchpoints as applicable (ex: recommended training courses that are updated/determined algorithmically)
  • Develop and strengthen our usage of the “roles” field so we can better target those long-term users

This is definitely a new area of focus for us, and one we haven’t significantly explored yet, since we’ve been primarily targeting newer users and keeping up WAU (weekly average usage) for those new and un-engaged users.

Definitely a good conversation area -- could make a great focus topic for a virtual meetup or Pulse session!