How marketing can leverage the GS tool to make the most out of it?

  • 19 February 2016
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I am new to Gainsight and looking to get some information on how Customer Marketing teams can leverage the tool to keep the customers engaged and enhance the customer experience.

We are using Marketo to run our Marketing initiatives and have it integrated with Gainsight. It would be helpful for us to know the best practices of using the integration and the value it provides.

Any inputs on how you're using these tools together would be very helpful.

We thought of running some campaigns like Client Onboarding, Cross-sell, Up-sell, product usage related, etc. from Marketo.


Shashank Sharma

4 replies

We've found the usage dashboards to be helpful in conversations with our marketing team when identify good customer candidates for case studies and beta programs. We use the data plus health of the customer to inform good candidates to talk to our Customer Partners about inviting to programs and marketing activities. 
At Gainsight, we leverage Copilot to publicize our blog posts and best practices content. We can then see which particular recipients are opening, clicking & circulating the content. This is a way to identify potential advocates and get a sense of engagement.
On the customer advocacy side of Gainsight, we use Gainsight for a lot. Like Corey mentioned, we use Dashboards and Customer 360 pages to learn which customers could be good fits for reference or case study needs. Gainsight also helps us figure out who to invite to be an advocate on Influitive and who to invite to do reviews for us on the AppExchange, G2Crowd or TrustRadius.

We then track all of the advocacy events through milestones in Gainsight in order to run reports on them to track progress and see how often we are using advocates so we don't overuse them. Moving conversations around advocacy between us and the CSM team to Chatter has also been extremely helpful in order to have better visibility into what has happened in the past.
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Also from Copilot you can embed a report and send that out to customer. Would be cool if you had a report of that sort already configured. See here to get started on that.