Integration with ReferenceView (RO Innovation)

  • 20 January 2016
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Is anyone using ReferenceView and/or integrated Gainsight with this tool? 

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Hi Linda,

Our Customer Success Platform includes Gainsight, RO Innovations and Influitive.

Hi Carlos, thanks so much for your quick response. Can I ask what fields from ReferenceView you are integrating with Gainsight and how you completed the integration? Happy to connect with you directly if you prefer.  Thanks! Linda
We are just under way with our Gainsight project.  Would love to connect and have a conversation regarding our platform solutions.I'm with Ceridian and you can connect with me on LinkedIn.
Gainsight has a documented integration with Boulder Logic (RO Innovations recently acquired Boulder Logic). The object/field structure of the RO Innovations itself likely differs from what we've documented but it should give you some good starter ideas on what to do.

We've reached out to the RO Innovations team to see how we can refresh this document and I will share any updates as they come in! 
Thanks for the response, Marie, this is very helpful. I did find that doc on Gainsight Go and sent it to my Marketing and Engineering reps. If you have any customers who have successfully integrated RO Innovation and/or created any solutions around Customer Advocacy, please send them my way! Thanks so much, Linda
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Is there an update on this, the link to integration with builder logic is dead, and I’m not finding anything on the integrations page of Gainsight either.